20 Travel Bug Tips to Enjoy a Comfortable Flight

Follow these 20 Travel Bug Tips for an enjoyable and comfortable flight

Follow these 20 Travel Bug Tips to fly more comfortable and arrive rested at your destination.

  1. Buy your airline ticket 54 days prior to the flight

20 travel bug tips for a comfortable flight

You want to get the cheapest ticket? The very best time to buy an airline ticket is on average 54 days prior to the flight.

  1. Buy your plane ticket in the middle of the week

20 travel bug tips for a comfortable flight

Generally plane ticket prices get adjusted in the middle of the week. Ticket vendors raise the prices on the weekend to trap vacationers who make impulse buys.

  1. Book a morning flight and a seat on the wing

20 Travel Bug Tips to Enjoy a Comfortable Flight

If you can’t stomach turbulence, book a morning flight and a seat on the wing. Bumpy air and storms happen usually in the afternoon and in the middle of the plane you feel less movement.

  1. Do the electronic check-in 

You avoid the long queue and get a better seating arrangement. Best you check-in online at your place within 24 hours before departure on the homepage of your airline.

  1. Book the right seat

20 travel bug tips for a comfortable flight

Consider an aisle or exit row seat for leg room, or a window if you want to sleep. Try to avoid seats near the toilets/lavatories, as other passengers will be accessing these regularly. Never choose an exit row seat if you will have an infant or small child with you

If you travel together with somebody, book a window and an aisle seat. If the flight isn’t full, the middle seat is likely to remain empty, because people chose usually a window or an aisle seat. If someone does pick that middle seat, it’s likely, that he/she is going to switch with you.

  1. Travel light

20 travel bug tips for a comfortable flight

Why take clothes for every eventuality? It’s likely you won’t use three-quarters of your stuff, but you have to lift and struggle throughout your trip. It’s not worth it. And be aware of the new restrictions of carry-on luggage (the luggage, which you may take on board), as you do not want to be repacking in front of the check-in or pay excess baggage charge.

  1. Get easily to identify luggage

20 travelbug tips for a comfortable flightBuy a bright, generally unpopular colour for your luggage or put a tight colourful ribbon at the handle. This way you’ll identify your luggage easily after landing and no mistakes which can happen accidentally. Click here or on the image to order easy-going, colourful luggage.

  1. Take your own entertainment with you

Kindle ReaderTake some music on an iPod and a new book. Upload some movies and games to your mobile devices, in case you’ve no on board entertainment or you don’t like the programs. Bring your own headphones. To get the most popular Kindle eReader for endless entertainment during your flight click here or on the image.

  1. Pack some treats and water in your carry-on-luggage

20 Travel Bug Tips to Enjoy a Comfortable FlightAs the food isn’t always everybody’s favourite on the plane and the flight attendance don’t continuously offer water during the night flights, bring your own treats and water on board. (The water you can only buy after security check).

  1. Wear comfortable clothes

The days are long gone, when you dressed to impress on airplanes or hoped to get a free upgrade just by impeccable appearance. Loose, stretchy fabrics with an elastic waist make for a comfortable flight. Pack a light sweater that can double as a blanket, if the plane is cold and it can act as a jacket while on your trip. Bring some slippers or extra soft socks to swap with your shoes during flight.

  1. Board relatively rested

20 Travel Bug Tips to Enjoy a Comfortable FlightAs attractive as it seems to hope to sleep on a long flight, you might not for one reason or another. You will catch a few winks even if you are somewhat rested. If so you’ll be in a better mood to continue your journey.

  1. Put your seat in 135 degree angle

The ideal posture is sitting at 135 degree angle so unless it’s mealtime, take off and touchdown, adjust your seat back.

  1. Move around during flight

It’s important for your health to move around as much as is allowed during long flights. Get up, stretch and do some exercises to get your blood circulation going. During the night you may walk the aisle as well.

  1. Take some minimal care products with you

20 Travel Bug Tips to Enjoy a Comfortable FlightGet yourself a little toothbrush, toothpaste, some moisturizer, lip balm, perfume or aftershave, a razor, deodorant, earplugs, eye drops and an eye mask. You will feel fresh and revitalized stepping off the plane.

  1. Buy yourself a snuggly travel pillow

20 travel bug tips for comfortable flightsBuy yourself a soft, snuggly travel pillow. That is much better than to struggle with the thin pillow, which you got on the airplane. The inflatable ones are not that comfortable, so try to avoid them. Click here or on the picture to order this most comfortable travel pillow directly sent to your address.

  1. Take a picture of your baggage

20 Travel Bug Tips to Enjoy a Comfortable FlightBefore check-in take a picture of your luggage just in case it gets lost. You’ll have it handy, if you’ve got to describe it at the lost-and-found counter.

  1. Chose the checkpoint farthest to the left

Research shows that most people are right-handed and tend to turn right first. Chose the checkpoint at the Airport Security farthest to the left as that row is likely to be the shortest. The same counts for the customs, if you can get to choose the row for yourself.

  1. Bring a power strip with you to the airport

20 Travel Bug Tips to Enjoy a Comfortable FlightWith a power strip you are the lucky one, who can charge all your devices at once, while others have to wait for more outlets to become available. You may be the one who is generous enough to share.

  1. Get free Internet at the airport adding “?.jpg”


Bypass the expensive WiFi at the airport by adding “?.jpg” at the end of any URL and you will surf the internet for free.

  1. Relax and clear your mind

20 Travel Bug Tips to Enjoy a Comfortable FlightAvoid thinking of complicated matters, which will keep your mind awake. Perhaps you can picture a serene view of the plains and hills and start counting sheep.


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