Cape Town – Most beautiful City Of The World

If you ask me which city I like most after all my travels, I answer: Cape Town.

Its beautiful scenery nestled between mountains gently dropping into the sea and endless white beaches its unbeatable.

Table Mountain, the most famous of the mountains of the Cape Peninsula, endless white beaches enclose Cape Town, the most beautiful city of the world.

After kicking back for a month or so in Cape Town it’s time to start planning for our trip to one of my favorite places if not my number one Kruger National Park. Spending time in Cape Town is most pleasant, after all there is more than enough to do and see to keep busy.

Surf Or Chill At The Best Beaches Around Cape Town


Beautiful white beaches, with daytime temperatures around 30º C, good surf, clean clear waters, a perfect summer at the sea. Just make sure to bring your wet suit. Don’t let anyone fool you, the water IS cold!

Festivals And Sporting Events

Plenty of festivals and sporting events over the Christmas holidays and of course Table Mountain itself.

Mother City Of South Africa

Cape Town, the mother city of South Africa, nestles in one of the most scenic settings of any city on earth. With the imposing bulk of Table Mountain, Devils Peak and Lions Head, Cape Town established itself as a vital safe haven for seafarers as far back as April of 1652.

Table Mountain, visible from as far as 200 km away, rises to 1086 m height and snakes past the twelve Apostles of Camps Bay on to Hout Bay, with its small fishing fleet and safe harbor, over the Chapmans Peak with its winding famous Chapmans Peak Drive at its foot, through Simonstown to eventually drop into the sea at Cape Point.

Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Of Good Hope Nature Reserve

This last section, 75 km from Table Mountain, end in another of South Africa’s National Parks: The Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Covering approximately 80,000 hectares of beaches, dramatic landscape and history, beautiful cape fynbos and a fair amount of wildlife such as Baboons, Eland, Mountain Zebra and a host of others. Over 250 species of birds (including Ostrich) have been recorded.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Sea Rich In Fish

There’s good fishing: numerous boat trips out into False Bay with Seal Island being the most popular excursion where thousands upon thousands of seals live and breed on this small island.

Found here because of the presence of so many seals is perhaps the greatest concentration of Great Whites, because the shark’s favorite prey is seals. You may be lucky to witness such an attack or you could opt for a cage diving adventure to see this magnificent creature.

Cape Town, South Africa

Goodbye Cape Town

Nonetheless it’s time to hit the road again soon, so it’s goodbye to Cape Town and its wine farms and small city charm, warm sunshine and – if the wind isn’t blowing – the perfect place to chill out for the summer.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa


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Author: Marcelle Simone Heller

I’m searching for natural beauty and wilderness, while I’m travelling relentlessly to find delightful places and encounters with wildlife. I try to capture the thrill of the moments in photography and words, hoping to inspire others with the love for animals and nature.

4 thoughts on “Cape Town – Most beautiful City Of The World”

  1. Our friends live in Jo’burg, and they recommend that we spend a lot more time to Cape Town and then the garden route. We were also told the train journey north from the Cape to Namibia is wonderful!

    1. We love the garden route, too. But there are so many wonderful places to see. We’ve been in Golden Gate National Park last week. The eastern Freestate is not so well known but beautiful.

      1. Well, some day we will finally visit our friends and then make it across to the Cape. For now, we are just dreaming about the future…

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