Moving Pictures In Landsberg Am Lech, Germany

Between #Augsburg and #Fuessen lies the medieval walled town of #Landsberg am Lech. An insiders’ tip for travellers of the #romanticroad in #Germany.

Sometimes you find an unexpected gem along the way. This was the case when we came along the Bavarian town of Landsberg Am Lech during our travels along the Romantic Road Of Germany. I’ve never ever seen such a clean, beautifully maintained old town before. Not one of the houses had paint crumbling off the walls – how is it possible?


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The Romantic Road Of Germany

Join Grey World Nomads on the Romantic Road of Germany from #Würzburg to #Füssen with its famous Castle #Neuschwanstein
#RomanticRoad #Bayern

Known as the most popular touristic road in Germany the romantic road meanders 410 km from the river Main to the Alps. The name ‘Romantic Road’ or ‘Romantische Strasse’ is deduced from the beautiful sights of medieval towns and the most famous fairy tale castle Neuschwanstein which most probably every travel keen person has seen in a travel brochure of Germany at least once. 

Burg Hohen Schwangau (Photo Credit: Polybert49 / Flickr; license: cc)


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