Open Letter to the President of South Africa

Dear Mr. Zuma,

Recently we watched you at the ANC congress struggle with reading the numbers of ANC membership. I know, it’s that maths thing; all those numbers can get confusing.

safrica-zuma-12-02-2015-21-02-56-88   13.02.2015

When you came to power, the Rand stood at R 8,44 to the US Dollar. It’s now at R 16,00 to the US Dollar. That’s not a good thing. Again it’s the math that obviously confuses you as you probably think that 16 is a bigger number than 8 (which it is). But you see, in exchange rates it actually works the other way round. Like golf; one must try to get the lowest number not the highest. Very confusing, but if you understand the basics, it’s quite simple. The lower the Rand is to the US Dollar, the better it is for the country.

1114979_926362, 28. May 2014

I realize that for you and your comrades in the ANC it makes not the slightest bit of difference, as you can just pocket another million or two whenever you like. But to the ordinary citizen it means losing their job or business and the continuing struggle to make ends meet. So before you reduce the Rand to Zuma Funny Money, do the right thing and get out office, before you and your corrupt comrades destroy the country and we become another failed state like our neighbours to the north.


More than half of South African Children live in Poverty |


Nkandla – Zuma’s 162 Million Dominion ] 7.08.2015

Go to Nkandla to your R 162 Million dominion you built for yourself with taxpayers money and relax. Take a swim in your “fire pool” and wait for the Academy Awards to contact you, as you have surely won the best acting award for “ being president.” You could write one of those Do It Yourself Books entitled “5 easy steps to enrich yourself” or “How to corrupt a country” or any title you so wish. Just please RESIGN and take your useless Cabinet with you, the sooner the better. To the voters in South Africa: It is in your hands. Use your vote before it is too late!

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