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The Beauty Of Scotland In A Few Seconds

    Leaving England behind us after two fortnights of house sitting in the south of the United Kingdom we headed up to Scotland for our next assignment. What we encountered in Scotland was unexpected and breathtaking.
    We chose Argyll Forest Park for our first hike with our new buddy, Mac, the fox-red Labrador. Mac lives in Dunoon in a house on the hill with spectacular sea-views. During the owners’ vacation in Thailand, we are the caretakers for two weeks – what a awesome convenience! The dogs, Mac and Vlou, the traveling Beagle, get along very well and already stick together to explore the tracks in the Scottish astonishing jagged landscape.

    The Scottish Argyll Forest Park is a land of rugged peaks and hidden dales, peaceful lakes and bubbling rivers. It’s Britain’s oldest Forest Park, founded in 1935. The park stretches from the Holy Loch to the scabrous peaks of the Arrochar Alps. It is situated at the end of the Highland boundary fault, the great crack in the earth’s surface that marks the line between Lowland and Highland Scotland. The Scots certainly live in mid of magnificent scenery! Despite the warnings that we’ll encounter plenty of rain in Scotland the sun pays her seldom tribute to the first spring days to our very delight.


    The music which comes with the slide-show is from Celtic Spirit, Album Lyra II, Title: Avondale (2009), Photos: © Grey World Nomads


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