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Standing tall on long, bare legs, a humped, feathered body and a long, curving neck, the Ostrich is the biggest bird species of the world. It can’t fly but is a very fast runner.

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We saw many Ostriches in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, however, they are not endemic to this region. Ostriches have been successfully domesticated and are now farmed throughout the world, particularly in South Africa, for meat, feathers and leather. Curious as they are, Ostriches make always for a funny picture!

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Mit den langen, haarlosen Beinen, dem gewölbten, gefederten Körper und dem langen, kurvigen Hals gehört der Strauss zur grössten Vogelart der Welt. Er kann nicht fliegen, dafür kann er sehr schnell rennen.

Wir sahen viele Afrikanische Sträusse im Kruger National Park, Südafrika, sie sind jedoch nicht endemisch in dieser Region. Sträusse wurden erfolgreich domestiziert und werden heutzutage weltweit, und vorallem auch in Südafrika, für Fleisch, Federn und Leder gezüchtet. Sträusse sind immer gut für ein lustiges Foto, neugierig wie sie sind!


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The Ostrich is the biggest bird species of the world. They can't fly but are very fast runners. We saw Ostriches in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Lion Escape And Black Eagles

Our journey around the National Parks in the Karoo of South Africa brought us to the semi-desert of the Karoo National Park, a rough place of stunning beauty, full of splendid African wildlife. We camped out and battled the bitterly cold nights and the sizzling heat in the day.

We encountered black eagles at eye level, various antelopes and the endangered Cape Mountain Zebra, all in the stunningly beautiful surroundings of the Nuweveld Mountains. Red cliffs and mountain peaks, which hide treasures of the past before dinosaurs populated the earth surface.

The last National Park on our trip through the Karoo lies in the Nuweveld Mountains north of Beaufort Wes. The park became most famous because of a troublesome Lion named Spook, who managed to escape twice from the national park boundaries and brought the surrounding farms into a state of alarm. A large male lion is not to be taken lightly.

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Myriads Of Birds At Most Southerly Tip Of Africa

Myriads of birds choose De Mond Nature Reserve in South Africa as their breeding place. Even endangered bird species find here a protected wildlife refuge.

Flocks of birds appreciate the constant wind, which strokes over the dunes. They settle at the mouth where the Heuningnes River forms an aquamarine tidal lagoon to feed from the fish rich water.

Birding enthusiasts find a paradise in De Mond Nature Reserve near the most southern point of Africa.
Flamingos In The Turquoise Lagoon Of De Mond Nature Reserve

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Cape Sugarbird In South Africa

We love to capture wildlife along our travels around the world. In South Africa it’s most enjoyable as wildlife is plentiful and nature reserves offer space for a myriad of bird species.

Here you find a beautiful Cape Sugarbird sitting on a Protea, South Africa’s national plant.

Walking over the paths of the Helderberg Nature Reserve in South Africa which cut through the Fynbos in the Hottentots Holland Mountains, we encountered numerous Cape Sugarbirds.

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A Golden Eagle Having To Bear A Heavy Lot With A Good Cause – Loch Lomond Bird Of Prey Centre

Orla, the Golden Eagle, a majestic raptor in the Bird of Prey Centre in Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park in Balloch, Scotland. Thoughts about birds of prey in captivity.

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