5 Most Common Myths About Visiting The States

If you think you know it all, you’re probably mistaken. Don’t fall into the trap to believe the 5 myths about the States.

Learn from our guest author, Wendy Dessler, what the States are about for real.

The main things that separate the States and Europe is not an ocean or the colonial history; it’s actually the modern-day, cumbersome load of cultural misconceptions. Continue reading “5 Most Common Myths About Visiting The States”

Seychelles Islands – The Pros And Cons Of Alleged Paradise

Seychelles Islands, is it paradise? How is snorkeling and diving really, the infrastructure, costs of living and do they care for environment and wildlife?

English  |  Deutsch  Don’t get me wrong, the Seychelles Islands are stunningly beautiful and worth a visit or more, no matter what you may read here. But still, a few things really got me thinking. Continue reading “Seychelles Islands – The Pros And Cons Of Alleged Paradise”

Mauritius: Fünf Gründe Diese Insel Zu Lieben Oder … Zu Hassen

Unsere ehrliche Meinung zu Mauritius: Wo hat die Insel uns positiv überrascht und was hat uns enttäuscht. Die zusätzliche Information, das Salz in der Suppe aller fast ausschliesslich positiven Reiseberichte.

Die unverblümte Wahrheit über die Traumferien-Destination Mauritius, ohne Blatt vor dem Mund, für Reisende die mehr wissen wollen als in den Tourismus-Broschüren steht.

Deutsch  |  English   Ehrlich? Es ist nicht alles paradiesisch, aber vieles davon schon. Bevor unserer Abreise nach Mauritius recherchierten wir auf diversen Reiseblogs, welche uns fast unisono den Eindruck vermittelten, dass Mauritius so paradiesisch schön ist, wie die Bilder in Reiseprospekten versprechen. Es ist nicht ganz so, aber ich kehrte seither trotzdem bereits zweimal zurück.

Continue reading “Mauritius: Fünf Gründe Diese Insel Zu Lieben Oder … Zu Hassen”

Mauritius: Five Reasons To Love Or Hate This Island

Where Mauritius matched our expectations or even excelled them and where it became short on fulfilling the promises of blogs and tourist brochures of being the tropical island paradise of every bodies dreams.

English  |  Deutsch  To be honest: It’s not all paradise but a lot of it is. Before our visit we read up on Mauritius on several blogs. Most of them described Mauritius as beautiful, like cut out of a promotional leaflet of the tourist office. It’s not quite like that! However, since then I’ve been back two further times. Continue reading “Mauritius: Five Reasons To Love Or Hate This Island”

I could live here! Maybe …

For four years we are traveling continuously around the world at a slow pace.

Sometimes the travel blues gets us and we miss a home.

Then the even bigger challenge awaits us:

In which country could we live happily?

Traveling without a home base is tedious at times. Living out of a suitcase, always looking for affordable accommodation and limited privacy are but a few of the inconveniences.

Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa

When the thrill of looking around the next corner doesn’t outweigh the burdens of hitting the road again and again, we ask ourselves, wouldn’t it be time after four years of continuous travels to settle down? But where?

Continue reading “I could live here! Maybe …”

Cheetahs Threatened With Extinction

One of my favorite wild cats is undoubtedly the graceful cheetah. Unfortunately a new survey shows that the numbers of Cheetahs in the wild are declining much more rapidly than previously estimated.

We met a few cheetah mams with their cubs on the South African side of the Kgalagadi Frontier Park.

Can this unfortunate development be reversed in time?

Visiting the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa we encountered the graceful fastest land animal on Earth, the Cheetah. Being at the rim of extinction its a rare experience to see cheetahs in the wild.

Over the last hundred years their numbers dropped from hundred thousand to merely only  7,100 adult cheetahs remaining in the wild as they lost more than ninety percent of there natural habitat to human populations.

Is that unfortunate development reversible? Continue reading “Cheetahs Threatened With Extinction”

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Traveling

We travel slowly around the world for four years continuously. Does that mean that we are always happy what we are doing? Here you find our list of the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY of traveling.

On the road four years and counting, and not thinking of quitting just yet.

South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi,Tanzania and Kenya to Argentina and Ecuador. To the USA and on to France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria and Germany.

Since the UK voted themselves out of the European Union they get a sentence (pun intended) all of their own. Continue reading “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Traveling”