‘Our’ Pets Around The UK

Best Pictures Of Pet Sitting Around The UK During Half A Year Travels Of Grey World Nomads #housesitting #animals #pets #dogs #cats

We had the pleasure to travel the UK for half a year and made friends with a lot of dogs, a few cats, a rabbit and chickens during our house sits. We give all of them space on our pet sitting gallery of the UK. A colourful bouquet of characterful animals.  Continue reading “‘Our’ Pets Around The UK”

House Sitting In North-West Scotland

It was our second last house sit in #Scotland and we lost our heart to the wild, remote region of Wester Ross in the #Scottish #Highlands.

Our second last house sit surprised us with probably the most beautiful place we’d been of all our house sits in the United Kingdom of the last half year.


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House Sitting With A Terrible Hitch

It isn’t a good idea to house and dog sit near London to combine free accommodation and sightseeing. Find out why!

We thought it would be a good idea to sign up for a house sit close to London. London is expensive and so, we’d be able to visit London without having to pay for accommodation. That’s what we figured but … Continue reading “House Sitting With A Terrible Hitch”

Doggie Day Out In The Scottish Highlands

Exploring the Scottish Highlands with ‘our’ house sit dogs: a Patterdale lady named Suma and BJ, a male Staffie, not to forget Vlou, @TravelingBeagle. Come with us and enjoy the video of our Doggie Day out in the Scottish Highlands.

The privilege of Grey World Nomads is to be able to travel around the world at a slow place.

During our house and dog sit in the Scottish Highlands we captured the most stunning views and ‘our’ dogs in this short video on the first day out.

Did you ever house sit in the Scottish Highlands?


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Just A Handful Of Dog But A Feisty One!

Stories of dogs and house sits of the Grey World Nomads.

Our upcoming house sit was in a suburb of Cardiff, Wales. A young couple from South Africa, she with long blond hair, pretty as most South African girls are and he, a big rugby player of the Newport Gwent Dragons welcomed us.

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House Sit In Southampton Country Home

Have you ever experienced three weeks of sunshine in England? Grey World Nomads are house sitting in Southampton with Maggie, the happy Pointer, in mid of the spring flowers.

This time we had google mapped our house sit in Southampton in the south of England before arrival and were looking forward to a country home in the middle of blooming fields. We’d been house sitting in wintry Scotland before and were longing for some green leaves and flowers after a long winter.

Rape field near Southampton

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House Sit In Scotland With Chewing Monster

We maintain our travelbug by traveling around the world as Grey World Nomads. Read about our house sitting experience in Scotland, United Kingdom

Where is Killearn? I thought, and went on Google Maps to see, if this house sit would be something for us. We had been contacted by a mother of three children which house sitter had let her down near term. Luckily we had a gap in our house sitting agenda and were able to help out as we were already in Scotland. ‘Oh wow!’ I exclaimed. ‘It’s only half an hour drive and almost in Lochlomond And Trossachs National Park. That’s awesome!’ Continue reading “House Sit In Scotland With Chewing Monster”