Seychellen Ferien – Pro und Kontra eines Inselparadieses

Seychellen Ferien, ideal um dem Winter zu entfliehen. Aber, ist alles so toll wie die Broschüren versprechen? Pro und Kontra : Schau hinter die Kulissen und entscheide selber.

English  |  German  Versteh mich nicht falsch, du solltest Seychellen Ferien in Betracht ziehen, was auch immer du hier lesen wirst. Die Seychellen sind wundervoll, aber, einiges gab mir trotzdem zu denken.


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Seychelles Islands – The Pros And Cons Of Alleged Paradise

Seychelles Islands, is it paradise? How is snorkeling and diving really, the infrastructure, costs of living and do they care for environment and wildlife?

English  |  Deutsch  Don’t get me wrong, the Seychelles Islands are stunningly beautiful and worth a visit or more, no matter what you may read here. But still, a few things really got me thinking. Continue reading “Seychelles Islands – The Pros And Cons Of Alleged Paradise”

Tips For Visiting Seychelles Islands Paradise

Living like locals on Mahé, the main island of the Seychelles, for an entire month, I can give you an insight how to travel the Seychelles beyond holiday resorts.

Ever thought of visiting a tropical paradise? Well,  we were lucky enough to get a house sitting assignment for a month in the Seychelles.

Visiting Seychelles On A Budget

We have been house sitting for the past four years which has allowed us to be able to visit places which, on our meager budget, would not be otherwise possible. So we jumped at the opportunity when this assignment came up, applied and here we are. (Our Tips how to find house sitting assignments or house swaps you find here), Continue reading “Tips For Visiting Seychelles Islands Paradise”