Seven Colours Earths In Mauritius | Sieben-farbige Erde In Mauritius

Marcelle’s Nature Photography:
– Seven Coloured Earths, Black River Gorges National Park, Mauritius

Marcelle’s Naturfotografie:
– Sieben-farbige Erde, Black River Gorge National Park, Mauritius

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The tropical rains leave the dunes in Mauritius’ Black River Gorges National Park wet and accentuate its seven coloured earth magnificently. Miraculously the fine sand doesn’t erode despite the regular intense downpours.

This photo is nominated for the National Geographic: The World Around Us cover!


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Lion Escape And Black Eagles

Our journey around the National Parks in the Karoo of South Africa brought us to the semi-desert of the Karoo National Park, a rough place of stunning beauty, full of splendid African wildlife. We camped out and battled the bitterly cold nights and the sizzling heat in the day.

We encountered black eagles at eye level, various antelopes and the endangered Cape Mountain Zebra, all in the stunningly beautiful surroundings of the Nuweveld Mountains. Red cliffs and mountain peaks, which hide treasures of the past before dinosaurs populated the earth surface.

The last National Park on our trip through the Karoo lies in the Nuweveld Mountains north of Beaufort Wes. The park became most famous because of a troublesome Lion named Spook, who managed to escape twice from the national park boundaries and brought the surrounding farms into a state of alarm. A large male lion is not to be taken lightly.

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Camdeboo – The Green Valley In The Great Thirstland

We camped in the “Green Valley” in the “Great Thirst Land” or if used the actually better known terms in the original language Khoi-khoi of the Bushmen, it is “Camdeboo” in the “Karoo”.

Best known is the Valley Of Desolation within the Camdeboo National Park.

The National Park encircles entirely the Old Cape Dutch town of Graaf-Reinet.

I had been here in Camdeboo National Park, when my travels in South Africa started four years ago. This nature reserve struck me already then as a place of exceptional beauty with an extraordinary setting, encircling the historical town of Graaf-Reinet. Continue reading “Camdeboo – The Green Valley In The Great Thirstland”

Encounter With Whale Mum And Baby

Walking over the Dunes along the beach at De Mond Nature Reserve in South Africa, we spotted a Southern right whale mum with her calf.

We’d hiked about half of the seven-kilometer trail, which led mainly through the dunes of De Mond Nature Reserve before arriving at the beach with the wind pumping and the sun shining mercilessly on our heads. Continue reading “Encounter With Whale Mum And Baby”

Magical Sunrises And Sunsets In South Africa

Here you find some of Grey World Nomads’ best photographs of sunrise and sunsets in De Mond Nature Reserve in South Africa.

There is something, which makes the sunrises and sunsets in Africa unbeatable. It’s not the dust as these pictures were taken in De Mond Nature Reserve, South Africa, almost at the most southern tip of Africa. At this altitude in the southern hemisphere strong winds swipe the sky clean so that cloud patterns change constantly.

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Paradise With Birds and Whales In South Africa

The river mouth in De Mond Nature Reserve invites myriads of birds. Whales follow its coastline to the most southern point of Africa. Enjoy this video footage of this nature paradise.

Myriads of birds fly towards the sunset as we watch De Mond Nature Reserve from the top of the Dunes. Still we have the pictures of our seven kilometer hike within the nature reserve in our mind when we spotted a Northern Right Wale with its calf following the shore to Agulhas, the most southern point of Africa in the early afternoon.

It was quite a hurdle to be able to book the only cottage in De Mond Nature Reserve. But we’d seen the cottage at an earlier visit and were determined to spend a few days at the best kept secret in the Overberg region of the Western Cape.

At only 954 hectares, De Mond is a small protected area.  The Heuningnes river meanders it’s way through the coastal nature reserve to reach the sea only a few kilometers away from Arniston.

This is my first project using my camera for some film footage. I hope you’ll enjoy and – if you like it, please leave your comment at the bottom of this post and share it with your friends. Thank you 🙂

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Tortoises Knock At The Door

Traveling around the world our main concern are wild animals and places.

We stayed at a quite unknown nature reserve in the south-western Cape, South Africa, where plenty little Angular tortoises brightened our days among an abundance of other animals.

Here you find a few facts about Tortoises and what you should know about them on your visit to South Africa.

As we drove in direction of De Mond Nature Reserve we noticed several signs, warning to watch out for tortoises. Not long after we installed ourselves in the only self-catering bungalow of the reserve, three tortoises ‘knock’ at our door.

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