Traveling Norway Without Breaking The Bank

We would not have gone to Norway if it hadn’t been for the house sit we found near Lillehammer for two weeks. Cutting out on a big chunk of accommodation costs we were able to find out more about, how to travel Norway without breaking the bank and seeing Norway in a nutshell.

Yes, we are cheapies, when it’s about our travels. To be able to travel as world nomads without breaking the bank, needs either to narrow down our travels to the cheapest travel destinations or otherwise to do some intense research, how to travel the most expensive places of the world on a tight budget.  Continue reading “Traveling Norway Without Breaking The Bank”

Farewell To Winter In Norway | Abschied vom Winter In Norwegen

Marcelle’s Landscape and Nature Photography:
Espedalsvatnet, Norway

Marcelle’s Landschafts- und Naturfotografie: Espedalsvatnet, Norwegen

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It’s the End of May in Norway. When the sun in the temperate climate zones of Europe already greets the first guests in the swimming pools with summery temperatures, in Norway the last ice on the lakes melts. Spring wake-up with 24ºC. The buts open and develop their bright-green leaves, while the first Daffodils present proudly their summery yellow blossoms. The while snow stays persistently on the mountain peaks. Continue reading “Farewell To Winter In Norway | Abschied vom Winter In Norwegen”