Norwegians Snow Road – The Worlds Most Beautiful Road

Even in summer, man-high snow walls line the Norwegian Scenic Route Aurlandfjellets, also called the snow road because of this. Marvelous views over rugged, snow-covered mountain peaks surround the steep slopes who decline accompanied by uncountable waterfalls into the crystal-clear waters of the fjord.

Norwegian Scenic Route Aurlandsfjellet

From our red painted hut at Vindedalen, a tiny place in a remote valley with only one resident left, we overlooked the spectacular Sognefjorden, the largest and second longest fjord in the world. But that wasn’t to be the only superlative of our visit to beautiful Norway.

Scenic Route Aurlandsfjellet


The Snow Road

Only a few kilometers east along the windy coastal road in direction of Lærdalsøyri started the Norwegian Scenic Route Aurlandfjellets (road 243) over 47 kilometers in direction of Aurlandsvangen, also called the snow road as it keeps man-high snow along the edges of the mountain pass road during summer time.

Winding up the narrow road passing some battered wooden barns and holiday huts in patches of light forest.

Scenic Route Aurlandsfjellet

Arriving above the treeline dozens of waterfalls emerged from the snow covered mountain tops to make their way through rocky mountain slopes growing soon with other waters into a torrent heading to the valley.

Scenic Route Aurlandsfjellet

Most Beautiful Road Of The World

On the top of the mountain pass, just over 1’306 meters, icy wind was blowing mist and snowflakes over the hostile landscape.

Arguably we negotiated the most beautiful road of the world as snow walls double the size of our car flanked the road despite summer time. Aquamarine blue ice covering mountain lakes caught our eyes enhanced by snow-covered rock walls, where crystal-clear water drops trickled from ice-cones.

Scenic Route Aurlandsfjellet

Scenic Route Aurlandsfjellet

Mind Boggling Views Over Aurlands Fjord

Just before the road declines to Aurlandsvangen a spectacular view of dark clouds covering the surrounding ragged peaks of Aurland Fjorden contrasting with the clean white snow and remaining patches of dried grass blew our minds.

Scenic Route Aurlandsfjellet

A few hundred meters downward we reached Stegastein, a spectacular man made viewing point, a wooden construction reaching out over the valley to provide the best possible view over the fjord. The viewpoint is accessible from Aurlandsvangen even in winter time, not so the rest of the Scenic Route Aurlandsfjellet.

Scenic Route Aurlandsfjellet

We headed down to the shore at Aurlandsvangen to spoil ourselves with a cup of coffee and one of the Norwegian specialties,  carrot cake, only to head for our next adventure of the Norway in a nutshell tour starting in Flåm : a boat ride through the whole length of Sognefjorden to Bergen and return (according to Norwegians) by the world’s most beautiful train ride on the Bergen to Oslo route, changing in Myrdal to the historic Flåm Railway. More about this in a later post.

Scenic Route Aurlandsfjellet

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Scenic Route Aurlandsfjellet
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Norwegian Scenic Route Aurlandfjellets is one of the worlds most beautiful roads. The snow road in Norway reveals most spectacular views over Norwegian fjords.

Norwegian Scenic Route Aurlandfjellets is one of the worlds most beautiful roads. The snow road in Norway reveals most spectacular views over Norwegian fjords.most-beautiful-road-norway-3most-beautiful-road-norway-4most-beautiful-road-norway-5most-beautiful-road-norway-6