Moorish Architecture In The Heart Of Andalusía

Antequera plaid an important role in ancient and in modern times of Andalusia in Spain as well.

The Moorish fortress, roman baths are the prehistoric ensemble that has been declared World Heritage Site.

I learned on our visit to Andalusia in Spain that it doesn’t have to be inevitably the grand Alhambra of Granada to find ancient remnants of the Moors in Spain. We found the quaint historical town and World Heritage Site of Antequera coincidentally, when we returned from visiting the nearby natural reserve of El Torcal. Continue reading “Moorish Architecture In The Heart Of Andalusía”

Most Beautiful Of The White Villages In Andalusia, Spain

Steep cobble-stoned streets meander between white-washed houses, decorated with colorful flowers. From the ‘ prettiest village in Andalusia ‘ a breathtaking view stretches over the Costa del Sol and the Mediterranean sea, while it lays peacefully at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, just a hundred meters over sea level.

Narrow pathways lead through the medieval villages which dot the bold mountains of Andalusia in Spain. The small windows and white, thick walls keep the interior of the tall townhouses cool, even went the heat squeezes the last trickle of sweat out of the pores during Spain’s midsummer time. Continue reading “Most Beautiful Of The White Villages In Andalusia, Spain”

Jewels Of Andalusia, Spain

Our visit to the medieval town of Ronda with its fantastic views, architectural and cultural highlights combined with the drive over hairpin bend roads through the Sierra de las Nieves National Park was spectacular.

“You have to go to Ronda”, everybody told us, when we were headed to Andalusia in Spain. Being early May we had pouring rain and sunshine within one hour as we were walking through the streets of the ancient town. Continue reading “Jewels Of Andalusia, Spain”

Cheap Holidays In Spain – Málaga

A sparkling clean, car-free city center with a lively port offering restaurants of every kind, a long beach around the corner for lazy sunbathing and some cultural highlights with ancient architecture. Its cheap so you can afford to skimp. The Spanish town of Málaga at the famous Costa del Sol surprised us positively.

Costa del Sol, Spain

Costa del Sol in Spain was for me synonymous with a built-up coast full of high-risers, retired Brits and Germans and overcrowded beaches. But again I had to revise my prejudices. Continue reading “Cheap Holidays In Spain – Málaga”