Hippohelp – Work Abroad In Exchange For Food And Accommodation

Guest Post: To work abroad in exchange for food and accommodation is an excellent way to meet with like minded people and to learn new skills while exploring the world. Read about the new online platform which connects you with your future host and work place.

Hi! My name is Leopold, and I’m the creator of Hippohelp, a platform connecting hosts with travellers willing to work in exchange for food and accommodation. Continue reading “Hippohelp – Work Abroad In Exchange For Food And Accommodation”

Muddy path to freedom

Alone with five monkeys in the middle of the rainforest in Ecuador …

To be a monkey is not easy. Especially having been raised as a pet in a household or zoo. Brought up by human beings, the monkey loses fear and often also the respect for human beings, as soon as it reaches adolescence. Continue reading “Muddy path to freedom”