Camouflaged Heron | Tarnungskünstler Reiher

Marcelle's Wildlife Photography: Lake Panik Camouflage Artist, Kruger National Park, South Africa Marcelle's Wildtier Fotografie: Lake Panik Tarnungskünstler, Kruger Nationalpark, Südafrika

One of the most beautiful places for birders is Lake Panic in Kruger National Park, South Africa, where we spent hours to get the perfect shot of a kingfisher who was diving to catch fish like a kamikaze head-on into the water just a few meters in front of the bird hide. We didn’t get the shot the way we’d hoped for, so we’ll have to go back (which is a good excuse to visit our favorite place again anyway).
This juvenile Rufous Night-Heron surprised me when it extended its neck like a telescope. In difference to the adult Rufous Night-Heron or Nankeen Night Heron as it’s also known, its plumage is heavily spotted and streaked all over with buff, brown and white, whereas the adult bird has reddish-brown upper parts and black cap and develops long white plumes on its head during breeding season.
Being a night hunter we were lucky to see it awake close to the water during daytime. Watch how it blends in with its neighbouring branch perfectly!

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