Wildebeest In Dust Cloud

Wildlifephotography: Wildebeest approaching a waterhole in dust devils. Kgalagadi, South Africa Wildtierfotografie: Gnus nähern sich einem Wasserloch im aufgewirbelten Staub. Kgalagadi, Südafrika

Kgalagadi, South Africa
Nikon Coolpix P900, ISO 100, Exp. 1/320 sec. at f/5, focal length 107 mm
Getting up early before sunrise is not so much one of my favorites, but it definitively pays off to see wildlife. One day in the Kgalagadi, South Africa, I crawled out of our tent in the dark to catch the first sun rays with my camera. The wind was blowing over the dusty soil when a herd of wildebeest approached the waterhole. The magical atmosphere only lasted for a few minutes!

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