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An Interesting Way To Know About Different Mind-Sets!

On our travels in Europe we met Yvonne Verhoeff as a couch surfing host in the Netherlands. Beside being a wonderful host and cook, she was also very entertaining. We were most interested in her Online Course Intercultural Competencies and love to share this with you.

Intercultural Competencies

Having experienced a huge amount of interesting cultures around the world ourselves, we are still struggling now and again to have a in depth understanding of other cultures (and we don’t mean the languages!) .
There are people which are aware of cultural differences and more than that, they can adapt and intermediate between folks of contrasting cultures. Needless to say that people with these intercultural competencies are rare and far searched for in global interacting businesses.
It is not only in the corporate world that intercultural competence is a urgently needed.  City’s worldwide are melting pots of cultures. Only if peoples built up intercultural competencies, is harmonious living together possible.
The Online Course Intercultural Competencies gave us new perspectives and exhaustive comprehension which will be of very good use on our future travels around the world.


Yvonne Verhoeff

“When you cross the world, it can be really great to meet other people. As far as for me, I had the privilege to meet people from all over the world in my own classroom! For 25 years I taught my language to hundreds of groups. Unfortunately it was only after this work that I got to know about ‘the six cultural differences’, the ‘Cultural Dimensions’…

Oh, if I only would have known about those! Than I would have been familiar with more mind-sets than merely only my own, and I could have been a better teacher!

Learning about these Cultural Dimensions, I understood that there are people actually thinking and feeling that e.g. ‘bigger and faster is better’ and ‘help the winners’ are good values…! Which is quite different from my own values ‘small and slow is beautiful’ and ‘help the losers, because the winners will manage anyway’!

As said, I had not much idea about other mind-sets. I had always observed and interpreted the behaviour of my students from my own point of view. 

What a pity for them and for me, missed chances for better understanding the Dutch and themselves, better learning results and so much better!”
After being a teacher, I became a trainer in intercultural communication. And I met many people like I had been … That is why I decided to put all my knowledge in an e-learning to make it possible for everybody to learn about this (€ 5,-, in English and in Dutch).

Each and everyone needs this knowledge for a better understanding of other people in this world; you will get such a broader view! 

I am sure that you will absolutely love to read about this and to assess yourself, for e.g. your couch surfing hosts. So simply dive into this matter at and enjoy this journey through the world of different mind-sets: intercultural communication!
Yvonne Verhoeff”

The Online Course Intercultural Competencies is available in English and Dutch for only € 5 on


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