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Car Rental Hacks – How You Save Car Rental

Car rental has more catches than a corset, however, you can unhook them effectively and save a lot. Car rental experiences during our travels taught us. Knowing a bit about car rental pricing strategy, it’s feasible to find low-cost car rental hacks by booking early. Read my suggestions on how you save on car rental, avoid high-cost excess insurance and beat hidden nasties. Learn how you save rental massively without the risk of high excess costs!

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Road Trip USA – Long-term Car Hire

If you are travelling for a longer period, for example for an extended trip to Canada and the USA, but you do not want to buy a car, a long-term car rental may be advisable. The advantage is that you don’t carry any owner obligations and therefore have little administrative burden. Vehicle rentals from one month onwards are considered long-term rentals.

The most important part is to get various offers and read the contracts thoroughly. The following points are particularly important:

Long-term -Car Rental – Advantages:

  • No repair costs and no risk of residual value
  • All-risk insurance, liability insurance, and road taxes are included in the rent
  • Vehicle registration is Included in price
  • No high purchase costs
  • No tied-up capital
  • In the event of theft or accident, the car rental company usually takes care of the handling.
  • Repair work, but also maintenance work on the vehicle is carried out by the rental car company.
  • If you are a private person, you do not have to pay the residual value when you return the vehicle.
  • Swap option when the car is no longer to your liking
  • It is easy and unproblematic to conclude a contract.

Car Rental Long Term – Disadvantages:

Long-term car rental also has disadvantages, of course:

  • Minimum age 21+
  • Any purchase of the rental car (during or after the end of the contract period) is usually impossible.
  • Renting a car long term is often more expensive than a lease or purchase.
  • Restrictive rental conditions such as mileage limits
  • Possible risk of devaluation of the vehicle
  • At the end of the contract to have to buy the car overpriced
  • Insufficient, restrictive or unreliable insurance coverage
  • Possible additional unknown expenses.

Is long-term car rental cheap?

The prices for long-term car rental are depending on the contract conditions, vehicle model, equipment and duration.

You save Car Rental Locating the most Inexpensive Car Rental Hacks

Long-term car rental for more than half a year is best handled by asking several car rental providers for comparative offers. Often a company specialising in long-term car rental is a wise solution.

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Book in Advance to Save Car Rental

Car rental save tip no 1: Make your reservation in advance and you will save a lot! Car rental may cost you just a few dollars a day. Even in high season, you save rental massively.

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Beware of Gas Policy Stealth Costs

A not unusual wheeze is to present you with a complete tank that you pay for in advance. You are then informed to return the hired car empty, often without a refund for unused fuel. In case you won’t drive some distance, you’ll be wasting plenty. Even worse when the amount charged is a whole lot higher than by local prices. A sneaky admin fee may apply if the company refunds you for unused gas. It’s advisable to check the terms and conditions carefully. You have peace of mind if you can return the car as you found it, so you pay only for the fuel you used.

Save a lot! Car Rental with Excess insurance

Basic coverage will typically be included when you hire a car. However, whilst you acquire your car, rental companies tend to scare their customers with the warning: “Without our excess coverage, you’ll pay massively for a scratch!”. This coverage costs often more than the car itself! Don’t do it! As a substitutelook into an extra policy from a standalone Excess insurance company for just a few US$/day. In case of damage, you pay and then reclaim the money from the excess insurer.
Like with travel insurance, you can purchase a cover for one rental, or you cover all of your journeys within a year (you save if you hire a vehicle more than twice a year).

The Downside of Standalone Excess Insurance:

  • Most companies require a credit card for the deposit. Debit or prepaid cards won’t do. You need enough limit on your credit card to cover the deposit (typically US$ 800 -1200, plus any spending you’re planning on doing. Make certain you don’t exceed the limit.
  • The credit card will normally need to belong to whoever made the booking. Double-check the T&Cs if this is a problem. If you don’t have a credit card a few companies will pressure you to take their coverage.
  • If you have an accident, they take the money off your card. It’s how the rental company protects itself in case of damage to the car. You claim back the value of your own excess insurance. Maintain all of the documentation to help your claim.
  • Always check the car and take photographs before driving it. If you get their insurance, then damages are much less of a trouble as even though there is a problem they will sort it out. Yet without excess insurance, there may be a dispute. Once again: Take photos! and check out the car before you take it out. Report back any troubles they haven’t listed, even the tiniest scratches.
  • Most firms simply ring-fence the deposit which means that you can’t spend that amount till it’s released. This can be an exchange rate risk. Yet some will actually withdraw the deposit whilst you’re taking the car and refund it later. This means if there are large currency fluctuations whilst renting that affect your balance.

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Renting a Car a Lot? Get Annual Excess Cover

If you rent a car more than once a 12 months, you are better off getting an annual excess insurance policyGenerally, if your itinerary is more than a couple of weeks, annual coverage may also be cheaper.

Also read our information about travel insurance, which you can still book even if you are already traveling and which has almost the same name as we have. It specializes in World Nomads.

Flip your Cell Phone into a Sat-Nav

Vehiclerent corporations integrate hefty extras of US$ 70/week to hire a sat-nav. There is a nifty way to turn your phone right into a sat-nav with neighborhood maps and without cost. Download the app Navmii, on your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry. Navmii turns a GPS smartphone into a sat-nav, with pre-loaded maps and voice prompt. It isn’t as swanky as a paid-for sat-nav, but it may do its job perfectly fine for a one-off experience.

You Safe Rental on Foreign websites

To discover the most inexpensive car rental you must search through a comparison website as mentioned above. However, in case you opt to go along with a big-name firm because of trust reasons or you gather loyalty points, this sneaky loophole can occasionally reduce prices: Type the rental company’s web address into your browser, but add the country extension of your destination instead of your home country. For example “.fr” for France or “” for South Africa. The price will be in the currency of your destination.

Don’t Pay Too Much For Additional drivers

Book in advance if two or more of you want to split the riding. Don’t leave it until you’re there. it’s well worth checking on comparison websites too, to see if you can get a better deal. The extra driver fee on top of the car rental can swallow up the savings easily.  
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Buy Car Hire Extras in Local Currency

At many overseas banks or shops at airports, you can choose to pay in local currency or the currency of your overseas credit card. Opt for the local currency. Your credit card provider offers a better currency exchange rate.

Do You Need an International Drivers License?

A driver’s license of a European country is familiar throughout Europe and North America and vice-versa. However, if the language on it isn’t English and if you‘re planning a road trip further afield, order an International Driver License. You may not need it, but it can save you hassles if the rental car company or if the police ask for it.

Discounts on a Package to Save Car Rental

A few websites provide extra reductions in case you‘re hiring a car with flights and hotel in a package. The primary one is Expedia. Car rentals, flights or hotels are not automatically discounted if booked collectively, though. A comparison is required. Airport or airline websites every so often offer special discounts. Once you’ve executed an evaluation. take a look at these web pages to see if it’s beatable.
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What to Check at your Hired Car

Worldwide vehicle lease can be tricky. Save yourself problems by following these tips:

Look at and take photos of the car‘s condition

Reports of overcharging and claiming damages are rife. So snap a few images of the car and make notes of its condition on the rental car’s form especially any scratches or dents. These are the top reason for disputes.

Check the gas type the car takes

Take a look at if the auto calls for petrol or diesel. If you damage the automobile through the usage of the wrong kind, it is unlikely you may be reimbursed for damages.

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Going Off-Road?

if you‘re going to be adventurous, read what’s protected. If you have a mishap while racing via the Sahara’s desolate areasyou can cough up for damages. Take a look if the spare tire is fully operational.

Local Legalities

Some countries have legal requirements such as in-car first aid kits, high-visibility jackets, breakdown and spare bulb kits which, if you don’t have them, invalidates the insurance. The car hire company should be well aware of this but check anyway.

Check country-by-country driving regulations on the AA website to ensure you’re familiar with local rules before you leave.

Emergency Number

Most Rental Car Companies have a 24-hour emergency number, in case the auto breaks down or in case you‘re in an accident. Ensure you know where it is (and other Emergency Numbers as well).

Bring your Car Back in Time and Clean

Stick to the policies and bring the car back on time and in the cleanest state possible to avoid additional charges.

  • Stay around for inspection. Minor scratches can be blamed on you and lead to charges.Take pictures if you don’t have time.
  • In case of an accident, Repair bills are essential. Keep them safe. You need them for your insurance claim.
  • Sort your paperwork. All paperwork should be completed with the returning of the car. Keep it in a safe place in case any disputes arise. The credit card slip for the deposit you’ll need to keep, too.

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Check your Bank Account when You Return Home

The final little bit of vigilance of checking your credit card or bank statement when you get back is needed. Make certain that no extra charges were added to your bill without your knowledge, and ensure you’ve been refunded your full deposit. If there’s a problem in contacting the company to sort it out doesn’t workremember that your credit card company provides a secondary back-up in case of a dispute.

 Happy Travels!


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