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La Pointe, Capbreton, Le Lande

Threatening Clouds At The Atlantic Coast In France

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The first two days it was hot – blazing – when we went to the beach at La Pointe, where I took these following photos in totally different, impending weather conditions.
La Pointe, Capbreton

To the south I anticipated the Pyrenees in a misty atmosphere behind an seemingly indefinite stretch of bare beach with the basque town of Biarritz at ‘surfers paradise’ bay before the foothills start.
La Pointe, Capbreton
The waves approached vigorously the coast and their white foam contrasted with still turquoise seawater and the dark sky in front of me.
La Pointe, Capbreton
The clouds lured menacingly over a tiny little boat, of which captain might  have watched the sky anxiously, too.
La Pointe, Capbreton
A few people packed up their bags from a sunny few enjoyable hours at the beach spending family time with the kids. One little girl with fair hair, not wanting to leave her imagined ‘boat’ behind – although in real just a piece of driftwood – tried to convince her mother not to leave her precious good behind.
La Pointe, Capbreton
Hovering my eyes over the surface of the sea to the north I detected a totally different weather spectacle in front of the promenade of Capbreton. And believe me: I didn’t work at the colours in Photoshop!
La Pointe, Capbreton
A para glider tried eagerly to get hold of the thermal lift which drove the parachute just above the dunes.

A seagull showed how dilettante we humans are with our desire to beat the gravitational force.
La Pointe, Capbreton
Somewhat relaxed that the weather from the north may push the threatening clouds away, it was time to sit back on the beach and let the thoughts drift as far as the horizon.
La Pointe, Capbreton

My mother Marijke and Hesper, her Pyreneen Mountain Dog

And yes, look there! The clouds got broken up and the sun worked its way through the clouds which appeared like the spots in a french blue cheese.
La Pointe, Capbreton
No need to rush back to the car over the dunes avoiding scattered showers.
La Pointe, Capbreton
There was even time to take a stroll through the gnarled cork oak woodland which would fit perfectly in a fantasy landscape of a Harry Potter movie.
La Pointe, Capbreton

Cork Tree Woodland

Do you like this little photo story?

Next one will be our trip to the Basque town of San Sebastian in Spain.

See you soon!

La Pointe, Capbreton

Marcelle at La Pointe, Capbreton

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