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Augrabies Falls National Park lies in the Norhtern Cape Province of South Africa. The cascades of the Orange River make the world's sixth largest waterfall.

Augrabies Falls National Park South Africa

I’d been curious about this place since I’d bypassed Augrabies Falls National Park South Africa, after visiting the Kgalagadi National Park last time. Impressive cascades in the middle of the vast sun-baked lands in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa? I had to see this proclaimed sixth largest waterfall in the world this time at last.

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Augrabies Falls National Park South Africa

Augrabies National Park lies 120 kilometers west of Upington, a town where the highest temperatures of South Africa regularly can be found. In the summer the thermometer gauge climbs easily over the 45° Celsius mark.

Augrabies, South Africa

Morning glow over the semi-desert

Augrabies, South Africa

The day awakes over Augrabies Falls National Park

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 Orange River, A Lifeline In The Semi-Desert

But then, there is the Orange River, the lifeline of this arid region and the biggest river in South Africa. Its source is in the Lesotho Mountains, from where it makes it’s two thousand kilometer journey through a major chunk of the country. If it weren’t for the Orange River, South Africans and people worldwide wouldn’t be able to sip wine and eat sweet raisins of the Northern Cape Province.

Augrabies, South Africa

The morning sun hitting the edge of the gorge

Augrabies, South Africa

Gorge of the Orange River

Augrabies, South Africa

The water level of the Orange River at its lowest in fifty years.

Wildlife in Augrabies Falls National Park South Africa

The indigenous Khoikhoi people inhabited the land before others discovered the plains full of wildlife along the fertile riverbanks.

Augrabies, South Africa

Fertile despite the drought

In Augrabies Falls National Park South Africa you can find various antelopes such as klipspringers, steenbok, springbok, gemsbok, kudu, and eland among others.

Augrabies, South Africa

Giraffe in Augrabies Falls National Park

G Adventure


Herds of Springbok

More difficult to spot are predators such as leopards, jackals, and African wildcat. They might rather see you from their den on your hike along the gorge than the other way around!

Augrabies, South Africa

Dassie ( Rock Hyrax ) find their preferred habitat at Augrabies


Plenty birdlife ( here’s a Goshawk )

Like anywhere else in South Africa and other parts of the World the indigenous people had to give way as soon as diamonds were discovered on the beach, where the Orange River meets the Atlantic.

Augrabies, South Africa

Klipspringer love the rocky surroundings

Diamonds in The Orange River (Oranje Rivier)

Decades of greed and piracy followed until the government could restore law and order. The legend says that the biggest cache of diamonds in the world lies in the swirl-hole eroded into the granite at the foot of the waterfall by the thundering waters.

Augrabies, South Africa

Waterfall in the desert

The Khoikhoi had named the waterfall Ankoerebis, meaning the “place of big noises“. A suitable name after good summer rains, when the full might of the water thunders down the 56m-high falls. Only later early European settlers changed the expression to the more pronounceable name Augrabies.

Augrabies, South Africa

Maybe the biggest cache of diamonds

Best Time To Visit Augrabies Falls National Park Northern Cape

The water flow is the highest between November and April if there were good rains. We suggest the best time to visit Augrabies Falls National Park Northern Cape during the hot summer months.  The water level was very law when we visited but it was impressive anyway.


Quiver Tree battling the drought ( Aloe dichotoma )

If you’d like to hike it’s better to visit between April and September for cooler temperatures.

Cape Province of South Africa. The cascades of the Orange River make the world's sixth largest waterfall.

Walkway leading from Augrabies Rest Camp to main falls and other viewpoints

Augrabies, South Africa

There are several, easy accessible viewpoints overlooking the gorge

Where to stay at Augrabies Falls National Park Northern Cape

We stayed at the campground which has well-shaded spots and is neat and tidy with green patches of grass in between despite the dry environment. If more comfort is desired there is plenty of accommodation to choose from. Swimming pools provide coolness during the hottest hours of the day.

Augrabies, South Africa

Camping at Augrabies Falls National Park South Africa

Augrabies, South Africa

Cottages of Augrabies Rest Camp

Lodges Augrabies Falls Nationalpark

Ideally, you stay in Augrabies Falls National Park. For more upmarket food and accommodation you may want to choose a lodge about 6 kilometers outside of the park.  Click here

Augrabies, South Africa

Four swimming pools to cool off during the sizzling heat of the day

What To Do In Augrabies Falls National Park

Hiking Along Augrabies Falls And The Gorge Of  Orange River

There are several trails from the Dassie Nature Trail with only a few kilometers to the Klipspringer Hiking Trail of three days with overnight stays in huts (closed from October to March due to heat).

Augrabies, South Africa

Hiking Trails in Augrabies Falls National Park South Africa

Augrabies, South Africa

Don’t forget water on your hike and leave as early as possible to avoid the midday heat.

Augrabies, South Africa

Hike along the Orange River

Mountain Biking In Augrabies National Park South Africa

A good way to experience wildlife is to hop on the mountain bike and explore Augrabies Falls National Park on two wheels. There were a few hardcore bikers even during our mid-summer stay with sizzling heats of more than 40°C, but I can’t imagine this to be enjoyable.

Augrabies Falls National Park

Guided game drives or self-drive

94 kilometers of wilderness roads with viewpoints overlooking the magnificent gorge of the Orange River are accessible by 4×4 vehicles.

Augrabies, South Africa

94 kilometers of well-marked roads cross the national park

How To Get From Upington To Augrabies

Augrabies National Park is located along the N14 national highway, 120 kilometers (74.4 miles) west of Upington.

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Augrabies Falls National Park


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