A Martial Eagle and a Tawny Eagle hassle each other for nest building material.

Eagles Hassle In The Kgalagadi, South Africa

To see eagles in the wild is one of my favorites. They stand for freedom and grace in an ever changing world which threatens to take over their space, pollute their habitat or take their life for reason of some witch doctors purposes.

Kgalagadi, South Africa

In the wilderness of the game parks in South Africa we get to see eagles still in considerably high numbers. Lately we visited the Kgagalagadi Frontier Park on the South African Side for a few weeks. It’s a harsh dry and boiling hot environment, especially during the high summer months.

Kgalagadi, South Africa

But it was worth to endure the high temperatures during day time as the wildlife is abundant and our hope to see eagles was met several times.

Kgalagadi, South Africa

And what a pleasure it was when we had the luck to follow two eagles! A  Tawny and a Martial eagle fighting in the air. It was about a piece of tumble weed for the nest which the Marshal eagle had found earlier, it seemed.

Kgalagadi, South Africa

Despite the huge wingspans from up to almost two meters and a weight of about six kilograms the Martial eagle and his counterpart moved pretty quick!

Kgalagadi, South Africa

A bit further along the dusty road between Twee Rivieren and Mata-Mata Rest Camp in the Kgalagadi we spotted the nest of the Martial eagle. First only the adult was visible.

Kgalagadi, South Africa

But most excitingly a little bit later, when the magnificent raptor had left with elegant swings, a young Martial eagle popped his head up and expressed his hunger in imperious calls for its parent.

Kgalagadi, South Africa

Again we’d been able to attend most precious moments in mid of wildlife and nature. Hopefully there will be more of these when we visit the other parks in South Africa, too.



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