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Fairy Tale Town In Austria - Murau

Fairy Tale Town Murau In Styria, Austria

We arrived in Murau in Austria at our new house sit a week ago. A good choice to be here during summer time as there are plenty of festivals and markets. Murau lies in the gentle mountains of the Austrian federal state of Styria (Steiermark).
People do appreciate their tradition here from the typical Austrian garbs, folk dances, foods and even a steam train. I’ll put here, first of all, some photos I made in and around Murau while the tunes of a brass orchestra were accompanying us in one of our first cultural evenings.

Murau, Austria


Murau At The Mur River

Art In Murau


Murna (Bronze / 2007), Water Goddess Symbolizing The Cleansing Force Of Water

Summer Concert, Murau Music Society Band

Murau Music Park Pavillon

Hilarious Dancing Girl

Sightseeing In Murau


Murau’s Churches And Castle By Night

Plenty Walks And Bridges In Murau


Bonus Fairy Tale Picture

Murau, Styria, Austria
All pictures © Marcelle Simone Heller
Murau - Fairy Tale Town in Styria
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