Most Beautiful Of The White Villages In Andalusia, Spain

Steep cobble-stoned streets meander between white-washed houses, decorated with colorful flowers. From the ‘ prettiest village in Andalusia ‘ a breathtaking view stretches over the Costa del Sol and the Mediterranean sea, while it lays peacefully at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, just a hundred meters over sea level.

Frigiliana is voted prettiest village in Andalusia. Laying a few hundred meters above the Mediterranean sea at a steep slope it overlooks the Costa del Sol.

Narrow pathways lead through the medieval villages which dot the bold mountains of Andalusia in Spain. The small windows and white, thick walls keep the interior of the tall townhouses cool, even went the heat squeezes the last trickle of sweat out of the pores during Spain’s midsummer time.


Only about 50 kilometers east of Málaga lies Frigiliana, probably one of the most picturesque villages along the Costa del Sol just in the foothills of the Sierras de Tejeda National Park.

Sierra Nevada, Spain
Sierra Nevada with view of Mediterranean Sea

We had the best introduction to the region as we passed the old mountain road from Granada to the Costa del Sol through the Sierra Nevada mountains to approach the Sierras de Tejeda from the east.

Frigiliana, Spain
Unbeatable views of Costa del Sol

The village can be divided into two. The newer lower section, where you should find parking easier and the upper section: the older Morisco-Mudéjar neighbourhood, where you can walk to in a few minutes. The upper section is obviously the place of special interest.

Frigiliana, Spain
The older, upper part of Frigiliana

The old town of Frigiliana is built on the mountain side, so we had to negotiate some steep paths. But it was definitively worth the effort.

Frigiliana, Spain
Steep paths through narrow alleys

Colorful pot plants with lavender, jasmine and bushes of bougainvillea contrast beautifully with the whitewashed houses.

Frigiliana, Spain
Colorful plants decorate the white-washed houses

Frigiliana, Spain

The inhabitants enjoy their views on terraces between the red clay roofs or read a book while the sky doesn’t show one tiny cloud. On a clear day, rather in winter than in summer, even the North African coastline may be visible.

Frigiliana, Spain
Red-clay roofs and terraces of Frigiliana


We wandered up the hillside through the cobble-stoned streets, past the white houses with doors painted in pastel colours.

Frigiliana, Spain
Well chosen pastel-color entrance

A local descended with a mule in tow as if it were a picture from the last century.

We found a restaurant with a stunning view of the surrounding countryside and the coast below.

Frigiliana, Spain
George found a tucked away entrance to restaurant
Frigiliana, Spain
Having a ice-cold, home-made lemonade with views

As the Spanish tourism authorities voted Frigiliera the ‘prettiest village in Andalusia’, quite some tourists find the way to visit this quaint little town. It’s a good idea to go early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid bigger crowds.

Frigiliana, Spain
Villas with Jacaranda in bloom

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Author: Marcelle Simone Heller

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  1. Love all of the white with the pastel doors! I can only imagine how sweet the air smells with all of the flowers!

    1. Thank you very much! It can get quite hot in these little Spanish towns but the architecture does keep the houses and streets in between cool. Mules are cute but can be sooooo stubborn like donkeys!

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