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House Sit In Southampton Country Home

This time we had google mapped our house sit in Southampton in the south of England before arrival and were looking forward to a country home in the middle of blooming fields. We’d been house sitting in wintry Scotland before and were longing for some green leaves and flowers after a long winter.


Rape field near Southampton

“There you go, this must be the road leading up to the house. I’m curious how it’s going to look like!’ ‘You are always nervous how it’s going to be’, George laughed at me. ‘Well – not that much here in the UK as in third world countries after our trying experience in Kenya!’ I replied glibly.
House & Dog Sit in Swanmore, Hampshire

House & Dog Sit in Southampton, Hampshire

As we drove through the narrow one-lane road guarded by high hedges George noticed a small driveway on the right side. ‘Oops, I think you just passed, rather turn around at the next crossing.’ Driving back we saw the beautiful country home with transoms and red brick in between, encircled by an abundant flower garden. The owners, Sue and George, had already spotted us and welcomed us with a bright smile. Dog, Maggie, scurried between our legs smelling our traveling Beagle, Vlou.
House & Dog Sit in Swanmore, Hampshire

Maggie, the Pointer’s home

We walked first through the garden where we inspected the newly built pond.
House & Dog Sit in Swanmore, Hampshire

House & Dog Sit in Swanmore, Hampshire

‘There is only one fish in it as yet,‘ Sue laughed.  They’d put two wooden chairs between the blooming apple trees which invited to spend time at the romantic place.
House & Dog Sit in Swanmore, Hampshire

Romantic Get-Away

The rest of the garden didn’t take the second place as there was a fountain surrounded with tulips and daffodils, a garden house all comfortably furnished with a dinner table in the middle of a well-maintained lawn and a vegs-patch at the back of the garden.
House & Dog Sit in Swanmore, Hampshire

Furnished garden house for romantic dinners

Sue and George showed us the three-story house. We couldn’t have dreamed of more! From the well-equipped, bright kitchen we walked into the breakfast room. From there you could walk either to the dining area or reception room. Several bedrooms on the second floor, two bathrooms with detached bathtubs, office, and stairs leading up to a cozy TV-room – both George’s favorite for watching rugby.
House & Dog Sit in Swanmore, Hampshire

Terrace surrounded by flowers

The owners left the same day for a holiday in Spain. Unnecessary to say that we spent a most comfortable and enjoyable holiday at their home. The advantage was that we were able to explore splendid places of the south coast of England as they weren’t too far and there were several enjoyable country parks around Southampton to walk the dogs.
The twenty days passed much too swiftly as in a blink of an eye Sue and George had returned.
House & Dog Sit in Swanmore, Hampshire

Amorous back garden

‘How was your holiday in Spain’, I asked first of all as they got out of their car. ‘It was horrible, it rained almost all the time!’ Sue and George answered from one mouth.
House & Dog Sit in Swanmore, Hampshire

Maggie walks through the saturated green grass in the evening sun

‘How was it here?’ I didn’t want to rub it in (maybe a little bit …) but I answered anyway: ‘We had to water the plants and the lawn as England suffered a drought!‘ To name it a drought was exaggerated but we’d had three weeks of mostly gorgeous sunshine. And that in England!
House & Dog Sit in Swanmore, Hampshire

Most beautiful tulip I’ve ever seen

Have you ever experienced three weeks of sunshine in England?

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