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Motorcycle In The Back Mirror

What is it about motor bikers that they always seem to want to go as fast as possible? I recently read about a guy in England who got busted doing 167km/h and I commented that he should be locked up.
Got a lot of responses from friends of mine who are – and always have been – motor bike enthusiasts that my comment was a bit harsh. I was even told to pay more attention while on the road and get my head out of my A*!@#$%^!!!

Well, if some biker crashes into me at that speed that's exactly where my head would be!

Recently while spending time in the Scottish Highlands and on those small winding roads (admittedly with my head up my A!@#$%^!!!) enjoying the scenery, only to hear before even seeing, bikers zooming up behind and sitting on my A!@#$%^!!! just waiting for the smallest gap to overtake!
Then they come blasting past at high speed frightening the bejesus out of me and when there are 5,10 or even more (as seems to be the norm in Scotland being such a beautiful country), it is to say the least extremely annoying.

 What I fail to understand is,why not go to a race track where one can, if one wants, to charge around like demons? What are they doing on a small road in the Scotland? 

Certainly not enjoying the scenery! There are signs all over the Highlands in big bold letters saying “Think Bike”as there are a lot of bikers on the road.Good advice but maybe there should be another sign designed especially for bikers saying “Think of all other traffic using this road”.
But they are probably travelling to fast anyway to read or see or do anything else but concentrate the road in front of them, because one little mishap or error of judgement and POOF! that’s the end for them and for whatever they hit. Just crazy!
Now I am traveling through the Austrian Alps with it’s wonderful mountain passes and as true as f!%!! here they are again, on my A!@#$%^!!! , overtaking sounding like a Jumbo Jet and frightening the hell out of me again before disappearing around the next corner!
Is there no restriction on how much noise these machines make? If we can fly to the moon and beyond why can’t they make these machines a lot less noisy?!

I can guarantee that if my car sounded like that I am pretty sure to be pulled off the road pretty damned quick and rightly so. 

Not a Biker myself maybe someone can enlighten me on what the deal is?

Or maybe I should just get my head out of my A*!@#$%^!!!

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