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Category Archives for Travel Advice

career break ideas

Career Break Ideas: How To Afford To Travel The World

You have enough of your nine-to-five-Job, every day the same. You need a break – a TIME-OUT! – to recharge your batteries and to sort out yourself. You dream of traveling, exploring the world, without a time-limit of a couple of weeks. But you don’t know, if you can afford it.
YOU CAN DO IT! Read this article to learn how.

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How To Stay In Europe Longer Than Three Months

How To Stay In Europe Longer Than Three Months

    You want to know how to stay in Europe longer than three months with a Schengen visa? Or, want to apply for a long-term visa and travel Europe unlimited? Here you will find how we managed to get a long-term visa in France and how to get a residence permit.

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    What to wear on a longhaul flight

    Travel Essentials for Long-Haul Flights

    Most of the people I met on our travels didn’t like long-haul flights. Our tips with travel essentials for long-haul flights will help you to make the experience enjoyable. Learn when to book best and what seats are the most comfortable. I answer the question what to wear on a longhaul flight and much more!

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    12 Car Rental Hacks – How You Save Car Rental

    Car rental experiences during our travels taught us a lot. Knowing a bit about car rental pricing strategy, it’s feasible to find car rental hacks for US$ 5/day by booking early – or 10 US$/day in peak season. Read my suggestions how you save on car rental, avoid high-cost excess insurance and beat hidden nasties. Learn how you save rental massively without the risk of high excess costs! 

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    Learn how to live the dream and travel the world at a slow pace! Write your own early retirement stories. How to become a nomad yourself! I am retired at 45. Read my road to retirement with successful retirement stories. How my

    Early Retirement Stories – Dream and Travel the World

    I decided to leave my job for early retirement in the middle of the so called working life, aged only 45 years. Here you can read, how to do it.

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    To work abroad in exchange for food and accommodation is an excellent way to meet with like minded people and to learn new skills while exploring the world.

    Hippohelp – Work Abroad In Exchange For Food And Accommodation

      Guest Post: To work abroad in exchange for food and accommodation is an excellent way to meet with like minded people and to learn new skills while exploring the world. Read about the new online platform which connects you with your future host and work place.

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      The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Traveling

        We travel slowly around the world for four years continuously. Does that mean that we are always happy what we are doing? Here you find our list of the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY of traveling.

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        An Interesting Way To Know About Different Mind-Sets!

          Yvonne Verhoeff invites to participate in her Online Course Intercultural Competencies.
          The Online Course Intercultural Competencies is available in English and Dutch for only € 5 on

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          On our visit to Granada we explored parts of the fortress, Alhambra, the Moorish part of the town, Albaicin, and strolled amid the Arabic Bazaar, Alcaiceria.

          4 Pro And Cons Of Couch Surfing

            Is it recommendable to use couch surfing by means of travelling on a budget? Isn’t couch surfing just for young world travelers and broke students? We share our experiences as world nomads and ‘old’ couch surfers.

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            Hop On The Ferry With Dog To And From The UK

              We went by ferry with our traveling Beagle, Vlou, from France to the UK and then to the Netherlands.
              Read how to plan and prepare your travel with your pet in this guide.
              #with-dog-to-the-UK #with-dog-to-Europe

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