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Arcen Castle Gardens situated in Arcen Limburg, a must for friends of magnificent gardens and castles. Arcen NL lies in South Limburg. Get tips to visit Arcen Park in the Netherlands, Acen Maps, Self Catering Accommodation and Zuid Limburg B&B.

Arcen Limburg – The Arcen Castle Gardens

On the way from Belgium up to the Netherlands by chance, we found Arcen Limburg with a castle in the most beautiful setting. Our Beagle Vlou needed a walk anyway. No problem to explore the Arcen Castle Gardens with a dog as the Dutch are most dog-friendly people.

The weather was good when we discovered one of the most beautiful gardens we’d ever seen. Arcen Castle surrounded by magnificent trees, gorgeous flower gardens and peaceful ponds with waterlilies and fountains.

Arcen NL

The Castle Gardens Arcen Maps

Arcen Limburg

Marked as the Arcen Castle Gardens on google maps about ten kilometers north of Venlo on the N271 lies Arcen Limburg. 

Arcen Maps

Arcen NL

Best Time to Visit Arcen Park

The Arcen Castle Gardens open at the end of March and close in the beginning of November. A variaty of theme gardens and green houses with plants flowering in different seasons make Arcen Park interesting for all the seasons during opening season. Our personal favorite is June, when most of the roses are in bloom.

Business Hours of the Arcen Castle Gardens

Zuid Limburg B&B or Self-Catering

Beautiful little towns like Venlo or Roermond invite to stay over in a Hotel, Zuid Limburg B&B or self-catering accommodation while you enjoy the Dutch lifestyle. Choose your Hotel with (NL) or be smart with Vacation Rentals Starting at $55/night. Book the whole house!

No weather to bad that the Dutch take their bicycle to any desired place. Maybe you want to do it the same way and take one of the bicycle roundtrips to the Arcen Castle Gardens.

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