Exploring the North of the Netherlands

Wandering through quaint face bricked villages in Provinces Friesland and Groningen, along the North Sea coast in the north of the Netherlands, cycling over infinite Dykes and enjoying the Dutch lifestyle.

The Provinces of Groningen and Friesland in the Netherlands lay at the northern most coastline of the country, with ferries connecting to the Islands Ameland and Schiermonnikoog.

Quaint face bricked villages with cobblestone roads are speckled over the countryside. The Dutch use their favorite way of transport from one town to the other – their bicycles – mostly happily chatting away with their buddies on two rolling wheels. The girls are predominantly tall, strikingly beautiful with long hair flying in the wind.

Others move around with their boats through the narrow water channels. Draw bridges make way as they approach.

The Dutch enthusiasm for artful flower arrangements is visible at every window and even the smallest garden is blooming in full splendor. The sun tints the country side in the most vivid colors, so that even ordinary cornfields contrast beautifully with the blue sky.

Infinite are the bicycle roads on the Dykes, which invite long rides with an unobstructed view to the Wadden Sea. One day the weather is peaceful, the next day it will change and show a harsh face.

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Author: Marcelle Simone Heller

I’m searching for natural beauty and wilderness, while I’m travelling relentlessly to find delightful places and encounters with wildlife. I try to capture the thrill of the moments in photography and words, hoping to inspire others with the love for animals and nature.

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