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Brittany, France – unspoiled walks with dog along the wild coast

    Hesper on the Beach

    Good reads before and during your holidays in Brittany

    [amazon_link asins=’B011T6RUYM,1250071909,1250112435,1250088437,B07D2BYD53|3462052012,3442479274,3462048406,3442479282,3462050567,3462050656,3462049275,3462047922|2258144663,2266255363,2266275178,2266281763,225814681X,226626771X,3462052012,3442479274|1250071909,1250112435,1843914980,1250088437,B01KN5BODS’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’greyworldnoma-20|greyworldno0a-21|greyworldno05-21|greyworldno07-21′ marketplace=’US|DE|FR|UK’ link_id=’ecfeb50c-804e-11e8-9a37-33f5eb3f8ba0′] Can you imagine being able to enjoy an unspoiled walk with your dog along the wild coast of Brittany in France, which stretches more than a thousand and two hundred kilometers and reveals a view of the sea and ragged coastal rock formations as far as you go?brittany_dog-friendly-holidays Now and again you encounter a remote chapel, which reminds of old warriors of the sea. You head into ancient towns with rough stone buildings, whose marine-blue window shutters and lovely flower gardens are pleasing to your eye. Tasting Britannic specialities in a cosy restaurant along the way make a most pleasant experience complete.
    walks along the coast for 1200 kilometres
    My mother and I spent a week in a splendid house with pure sea views in the medieval town of Esquibien near Audierne with her dog, Hesper, a Pyrenean mountain dog. We relished extended walks along the coast, played with Hesper on the beaches, visited nature parks and spoiled ourselves with delicious meals in tiny, authentic Britannic restaurants. There are so many sightseeing possibilities, that a week isn’t enough. As you will be returning anyway sometime, that won’t be a problem. The time seems to stand still in this part of the world.

    remote chapel in Brittany

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