Jewels Of Andalusia, Spain

Our visit to the medieval town of Ronda with its fantastic views, architectural and cultural highlights combined with the drive over hairpin bend roads through the Sierra de las Nieves National Park was spectacular.

Ronda, a Spanish, medieval town spectacularly overlooking a canyon with the Sierra de las Nieves National Park, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, at it's backdoor.

“You have to go to Ronda”, everybody told us, when we were headed to Andalusia in Spain. Being early May we had pouring rain and sunshine within one hour as we were walking through the streets of the ancient town.

Ronda, SpainRonda lies spectacularly about 750 meters above sea level on the edge of a cliff which overlooks the El Tajo canyon. The green landscape around the Guadalevin River was extraordinary, imagining the drought which can hit this region severely during summer.

Ronda, Spain

Ronda, Spain

Of course we went to see the Plaza de toros de Ronda, the oldest bullfighting ring in Spain dated from 1784. Within the buildings a museum shows the controversial culture of the bull fight and more pleasant to me, the training hall for the Iberian horses, which dressage is given most affection in Andalusia.

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On the way to Ronda we’d passed the hairpin bends through the Sierra de las Nieves National Park. It’s mountains rise up to almost 2000 meters and cover an area of a bit more than 18 hectares.

Sierra de las Nieves, Spain

Because this area has been agriculturally exploited very little and is only inhabited by a few tiny villages, indigenous flora like pine, fir, ash, chestnut wild olive, juniper and oak trees could develop.

Sierra de las Nieves, Spain

Supposedly wild mountain goats and muflon roam the mountains whose peaks sometimes are covered in snow as their name suggests. UNESCO declared Sierra de las Nieves Biosphere Reserve in 1995.

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